Oh the joy of a mammogram

I would really like to know who thought the idea of putting a person’s breastimage between a vice  and squeezing it was a good idea.  Each year I get a mammogram and each year it hurts like heck.  As the technology gets amazingly better how ccome the device can’t be better too.  The pain is worth it now  however because results are delivered to you in the waiting room within 20 minutes.  No longer  do you have to wait for a week and stress.  Yeah to technology and boo to the mammogram machine.  One day I wil actually like going in for a mammography  🙂

Welcome to your newest addiction ….

With all of this free time on my hands it has given me a moment to explore things that I often thought about doing but didn’t have the time to try them.  I am talking about eyelash extensions.   It is just fascinating to me that you can actually do this.  I have short lashes, I have a lot of lashes but they are very short.   I wanted to see if extensions would even make a difference for me.  If you are going to try this leave an hour to an hour and  a half open.  I went it not sure of what to expect.  A little advice go in makeup free with a cleanly washed face.   IT is quite the service before you even get started there are signatures needed and disclaimers to be read. I  had to lay still with my eyes closed for an hour while my beautician individually bonded eyelashes to my own lashes.  Now, my place (Ultimate Lash and Brow) has wacky Wednesday this means the price is $75 for a half set on each eye.  On a regular day this little experiment would have cost  me $200.

Now ladies we have to pick and choose what is a must or a luxury for us.  After laying for an hour and with my back starting to cramp it was finally done.  The moment of anticipation was killing me before she prepped me and put the mirror in my hands.  Voila, to my surprise the lashes looked as natural as my own  and they were long.  I could actually see them.  I have to say that I am happy with the investment it was $75 well spent.  Of course with anything else you have to decide if you want the cost of maintenance.  It’s just like getting your fill in or manicure every two weeks just a little more costly.

I give eyelash extensions a thumbs up.




No mascara lash extensions