The Day that I let go……

I am the type of person that will fight for something until the very end. The one thing that I did not know how to do is let go.  I am a voice of optimism always saying to myself, things will change, or just a little while longer and something will happen.  However what I have also come to realize is that the little voice in my head, my intuition is there for a reason. Deep down inside I know things won’t get better nor will they change, so why do I hesitate.  Simple, fear of the unknown.

Three weeks ago I did the thing that I swore was so irresponsible that I would never do, I quit my job without having another one to go to.  Why you ask?  I found myself unwilling to be toyed with and be underestimated any longer.  I gave quite a bit of time to the company with results that were not in my plan.   While I am a team player I was no longer willing to sacrifice myself.  It’s the feeling when you know the relationship is coming to an end but you don’t know if to stay and give it some more time or leave and chalk it up to experience.  I had been walking around with a resignation letter in my bag since August 13th of 2013.  So I’d say I knew what I had to do.

The day that I realized that it was the end for me, that I could no longer work for a company that did not appreciate me was the most freeing moment of my life.  I learned to let go.  I began to sleep again, and the stress that I had been carrying for the past years dissolved because now there was a time limit on how much longer I was to be in that situation.  I realized that there is a life outside of work.  I realized that there is so much of my family life that I was missing.  The biggest revelation to me was that I have a right to not be bullied or terrorized at my place of employment. The place where most of my day is spent.

I took stock of my life and realized the paycheck was not worth the price that I was paying.  So I take my talents and I will give them to a place who will appreciate the value and experience that I bring to the table.  No job is stress free but what is the difference between stress and misery, and there is such a thing in the workplace.

Here’s to me and to all of you that may be at your breaking point. There is life after you learn to let go.