See things Differently… Warby Parker 2014

I  always think that people wear their glasses more during the Fall.  I could be wrong but that’s how I feel.  Like a necklace, a bracelet, or any other accessory, the glasses that you choose are a reflection of your personality.

Glasses change the look of your outfit adding the studious even serious look.  For some reason people take your seriously!

Warby Parker opened its doors in 2010 assuming a strong online presence while also having shops around the country.

Warby Parker is introducing their new fall collection of glasses.  They are moderately priced starting at $95.  A great price I think for quality frames.  Warby Parker is also doing what few of competitors are doing, they are allowing you to try 5 pairs of glassess for 5 days so you can decide what you like.  I like the try before you buy approach.

Please visit http://www.warbyparker/fall-2014 take a look at the other styles offered, visit

I picked out some of my faves from the men’s and women’s collection.


Try your 5 today!


The Women’s collection of Warby Parker


glasses 1glassesglasses 3





The Men’s Collection Of  Warby Parker




glasses men 1 glasses men 2




glasses men