Lucy Workout Wear

I am a die-hard Nike/Lulu Lemon girl.  That is what I wear when I work out. It has worked for me over the past years. Sometimes girls get bored and need something different. I am one of these people who needs to shake things up sometimes.  I firmly believe that a great looking workout outfit inspires you to work harder.

So in walking around yesterday I stumbled upon Lucy. The store had always been there I had never actually walked through the doors.  I love the colors of the clothing and I especially like the sizes.  The even bigger surprise is that they were having a sale.  This is big for me when trying something new. I don’t want to pay full price and then end up not liking the merchandise.

I bought a couple of pieces and I will try it out tonight during my workout.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

lucy wear 2 lucy wear




Under Armour – Two messages in One fantastic Presentation

We all know that women are the big buyers in the world.  We spend billions on product each year.  Under Armour has realized that and used this Ad to draw us in.  Misty Copeland is amazing.  Under Armour also reinforced what we all know you should never give up on what you desire, what you want, and what you love.  It is the thing that separates you from the next person, the thing that can make you extraordinary.


misty Copeland


Take a look.