A Labor Day Celebration – Brooklyn NY

During my teenage years and early twenties I lived for The West Indian Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn. The party started on Thursday night and ended with a very exhausted me on Monday night.

Labor Day is a big deal in New York especially if you are of West Indian heritage.  People live for the Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn.   For most of my twenties all of my friends were from the Caribbean.  I was born in Guyana, South America so I am no stranger to a good Carnival.  The steel band parades, the costume parades and  and numerous parties to attend is the thing that made labor day fun.  All of the latest Calypso and Reggae music being played to liven up the crowd.  It was a good time.

I can never relive that part or my life but I remember those times fondly.  When my friends and I get together and reminisce someone can always come up with a good Labor Day Story.   This is just one more thing that I love about New York.


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