Brooke Shields and MAC an Iconic partnership

The name Brooke Shields is associated with Beauty.  I remember her from her Calvin Klein Jeans commercials and her movie Endless Love. She was the girl that every girl wanted to be.  She had the perfect skin, body, and eyebrows, yes eyebrows.  We watched her grow from a girl into a stunning woman and then subsequently a wife and mother.  However she’s not just all beauty.  Brooke Shields graduated from the prestigious Princeton University.

Her next project is a natural one Beauty and the partnership chosen is a smart choice.  Women around the world are fans of MAC cosmetics and they are always looking for the next new thing.  The cosmetic industry is a billion dollar business and who you are matters when launching a line.  The line launches in October of 2014

I have no doubt that this new collection at MAC will do well.  I know I’ll be visiting my MAC counter to see what she has come up with.

Cheers Brooke and much Success!


brooke shields 2brooke shields


Pictures compliments of Womens’ Wear Daily





Kelly Osbourne as a Designer

Kelly is launching her new fashion line in September on HSN. the line is rumored to have pieces that everyone can wear. Stars like Ciara are already placing orders. He mom claims that she plans to raid her closet.  Fashion designing is usually the next step for may child stars.  Look at Mary Kay and Ashley who have made millions upon millions in the fashion industry.

Kelly know that as a first time designer she is a newbie on the block, sheer determination and a will to succeed has made this long time dream of her’s come true.  I can’t wait to see what she has come up with. From the pieces in WWD. It looks like it will be a fashionista’s dream.  September 25th on HSN I’ll be there.



A Healthy start to the Day

If you are like me it’s always what do I eat for breakfast and still be healthy.

I am a fan of smoothies however they can be high in fat and sugar depending on what the ingredients are.

I found this website below that give 30 healthy and nutritional options to start you r day right and fuel your workout.

The better you eat, the better you feel.




Sneakers gone Couture




We’ve all coveted that pair of sneakers that we really, really want.  Your top fashion  designers have taken the sneaker crave to a new level..  Sure the sports super stars like  Michael  Jordan and LaBron James are making millions from partnering with Nike, now here come the designers.  They are moving full force ahead.  These designers have a name in the fashion business so why not give the sneaker business a try.  Designers like Prada, Christian Dior, Chanel, Christina Louboutin are all entering the sneaker game and with a vengence.     For this sneaker buy we are not talking hundreds of dollars but thousands.  If you like to be fashion current and sneakers is your thing remember  this piece of the pie is costly.  Your feet will always be a talking point since you will  be wearing croc, or swarovski crystals, or leather on your feet.