My Most Favorite Season….

I love the Fall.  The time of year when it cools a little, and the color of the leaves change.  The time of year when you get to rearrange your closet and take out those sweaters, jackets and oh yes BOOTS.  It’s the time of year when you must put on a sweater, when you start taking out tweeds, wools, and cashmere.

Going in to the closet is like shopping, sorting through things that you haven’t seen or worn in a while.  This is a treat for me.  It’s like reuniting with old friends.

This is one of the things that I miss most about New York the change of season.  Sometimes I miss wearing a coat.  A coat , some tall boots, leggings and a sweater creates a whole new look of chic.  Luckily for me NY is only a plane ride away.  I can always hop on the plane and five hours later find myself in the midst of everything.

Even though it’s 106 degrees in Scottsdale I’ve already started looking at my favorite websites for BOOTS.  Even though I can wear the same pairs for years as I wear them so infrequently a girl’s still has to add to the collection.  Here’s what I’ve looked at so far.


What’s going to be your staple piece for the upcoming fall season?




boot1 boot3boot2