The White Jean

It’s a staple piece in any woman’s closet.  You can dress it up or down.  You can make the look simple or fancy depending on your mood.   It’s the white jean.  If you are like me you gsve several variations in your closet.  Cropped, skinny jean, the relaxed look we all own them.  Summer is the perfect time to perfect this  look.  However gradually we’ve been taking the white jean into the fall.  Is white the new black?  In New York it used to be a fashion no no to wear white after Labor Day.  It was hard for me to step outside if that box when I moved from New York.  However fashion is constantly evolving so play with your look.  Take your white jeans through all of the seasons.



Smiling relieves stress, it also releases the endorphins that make you happy.  You use more muscles to  frown.

I’ve been told that I should smile more.  I’m working on it.  Who doesn’t like to hear a good joke or a funny story?  I’ll bet no one.

Get rid of the stress and smile.  You’ll feel better.






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