12 mini challenges for you to try to brighten up your life…

Let’s change the way we do things….

Write down your workouts
Part your hair differently
Eat veggies for breakfast
Get out of your color comfort zone
Sit smarter (no slouching)
Skip the mirror
Up your sleep quality 
Log 10 minutes of outdoor activity daily
Go on a blue streak (clothes eyeliner, eyeshadow)
Sneak cardio into your day
Take a cold shower
Perfect your push up

July Birchbox









image image


This month’s Birch box teamed up with Women’s Health Magazine with 12 mini challenges for you.


The contents of Birch Box are:


Balance Me Wonder eye cream

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 eyeshadow Pallette

Number 4 Super Comb Prep and Protect (Leave in conditioner

Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel


My love of makeup….

I love makeup it’s as simple as that.  I love to try different brands.  Of course I have my faves MAC and Bobbi Brown.  I love going to the various stores and seeing what is new.

I love the different seasons and the new palettes of eyeshadows, lipstick, and blush colors that are new for the season.  Trying out different looks let me try my hand at being a makeup artist.  I love the way a day to evening look can be changed by makeup.

I don’t think trying a new color will ever grow oldimage

An example is my makeup drawer below.


Here’s to you Maui

It’s my last night in this fabulous place and I will miss it.  You can bet that I will return as I did this time.  Maui is one of my favorite vacation spots.!  You have no choice but to slow down because everyone is in relax mode.

This past week I’ve gotten to sit on the beach and people watch.  I had a chance to have conversations with my son.  He is a really funny kid.  My husband is in hog heaven that I am not working.  As a family we have reconnected.  For Justin it’s the vacation before High School begins.

I am so grateful that I can get away for a moment and just enjoy life.  My job is a stressful one that can leave me sleepless and in a bad mood sometimes.  I have gotten 8 hours of sleep every night that I have been in Maui.  I can’t tell you how amazing that has been.  I hope that I can keep this feeling that I have right now for a while.

My husband rocks he puts these vacations together and makes sure that we have a fabulous time.  So here’s to vacations people they are good for a sound mind and body.