My love affair or should I say obsession with fashion and beauty started somewhere around age 5. It all began with my dad taking me shopping on Saturdays, and me picking out my outfits.  He taught me freedom of expression. My mom quickly put an end to my Saturday shopping spree with dad, booooo.  I quickly realized that my favorite thing to do was to putt outfits together and just having fun with it.  As I grew older I had a growing interest in skin care.  I had to come to grips with the fact that my skin was unique and what worked for others may not work for me.

However, my mom unknowingly taught me that a beauty regimen is important.  I have watched my mom follow the same regimen for years and she has the most amazing skin that I have ever seen. At the age of 74 she does not have one wrinkle, now that’s incredible.  Of course total beauty ultimately comes from  within, attached to a sound mind and body.  None of this is easy.   A good and consistent exercise regiment along with healthy eating really does slow the aging process and make for a healthier you.  Of course  a little help from your favorite product can’t hurt.

Over the years I have collected some gems, as well as some don’t even try that tips that will keep you looking and felling good while being your best you.  Just remember consistency is key.

It has always been a goal of mine to share this talent and I believe that I am finally ready for this adventure and who better to share it with than all of you.

Here’s to a great beginning with Busy Style Beauty!

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